Fanning the Flames of the LinkedIn Fakes

What must be done, must be done. I’m tired of being nice and tolerant. It’s time to expose some truths about the fake, bourgeoisie, talking out of both sides of their mouths phonies on this website, and the medium by which it is being done.

There are too many dips, drips, bad LI tips, pushed up tits, and male gits on this site, and today is a day of reckoning.

I can tell you right now that you aren’t going to like this rant. And it’s a pretty long rant. You won’t like me anymore. You will block me. You will ostracize me from your life. I am prepared for that. Because I know who I am. And I know how I feel. I am afraid of no man, but I am afraid of a world where we continually try to silent the silenced and marginalized of society, and a world where truth, justice, and righteousness is strangulated in favor of what is easily swallowed and accepted and liked and popular.

The bell has tolled for the Bulvan…as he rides the lightning of wickedness set before him…electrocuting humanity as it gasps its last breaths.

And so…it begins

You can’t call yourself #TeamHuman if bad sh*# is happening to humans on the very site that your are proselytizing your phony b.s. and you do nothing about it. And when I say nothing, that is exactly what I mean.

Where has #TeamHuman been with regard to the incessant amount of sexual harassment and harassment of any kind, in addition to blatant censoring of people’s posts on this website?

A hashtag doesn’t mean anything if no action is taken, and any action I have ever seen with regard to some of the blatant nastiness that exists on this site isn’t coming from this so called humanity “movement”.

It actually just makes you a bunch of disingenuous schmucks, when you pretend to be about all things humanity, yet, people are being violated on a daily basis.

Take your #TeamHuman and pound it up your a**.

What are you going to do…ban me?

Simon Chan once said to me very snarkily in a message that I had to start adding something of “value”, you know, because the 40 or so articles I had already posted and tons of content posts at the time had no value. Apparently, I just needed to start waxing poetic about Blockchain and Bitcoin and pretend like I know what I’m talking about (like he does). He’s a pretentious, arrogant, pr!@& who thinks he is in some way the inventor of humanity online and likes to pat himself on the back every time Bitcoin makes any gains.

*special shout out* to that ‘Gentle Millennial Warrior’ Alexandra. If a person has the word ‘humble’ in the first sentence of their LI profile, you can rest assure that they aren’t. Just another posh person of pi#$

It’s all about #TeamHunan in 2018 you plebs. Is that hot-n-spicy enough for you?

Jim Rossi (LI Top Voice) once said to me that he gets “sick to his stomach every time he gets a DM from me”, even though he pretended to be my friend. We shared a lot of personal information with each other, and I trusted him. I looked up to him like a mentor, and he basically stabbed me in the back. The guy is a masturbating intellectual who parrots the same b.s. in almost every post about how everything is a “dumpster fire”. He is a jaded journalist and I haven’t seen a ‘new’, well-written piece from him since I’ve been on this site. Whatever talents he had as a writer must’ve evaporated in one of his desert bike rides.

*edit 2/24/18* I did finally get a half-assed response from Jim in a completely unique way and you can read it here:

Grant Charles Adams — He threw a hissy fit a couple of months back and left LI “permanently” and I wrote “I’ll Pen To The End For My Friends” which was dedicated to him. Nobody else put as much effort and heartfelt subject matter into their pleas for him to stay but, that’s just because none of them can really write worth a sh#*. Look at the outpouring of support Grant got when he said he was leaving and then compare that to the lack of support I got when I was first banned in Oct. ’17. Grant didn’t have his work stolen like I did, he just opted out, and everybody lost their minds. Where were the rallying cries for me and my work? Where were the dedication posts? It took four months for someone to finally create a petition to get me my work back. The only person who did anything in the immediate sense was Disruptive Agile but it fell on deaf ears. But, where was Grant when I got banned? Nowhere. Grant likes to pretend to support people in times of need. I became acquainted with him at the beginning of ’17 when nobody was reading his sh** and I thought we were simpatico and had similar visions about what we would like to see this site become. He is just another self-serving guy who doesn’t have the courage to really come out and say what he feels. Where were you, Grant, when all of my work was stolen from me?

Manu Goswami- I don’t listen to 19-year-olds, and this guy is as full of himself as it gets. He is the epitome of why people do not like millennials. He linked up with me reasonably early in ’17 and started parroting stupid catch-phrases I’d say sometimes. I found him saying “that’s just the tip of the iceberg” on more than one occasion, and that is something that I know he wasn’t saying before he read it in certain posts of mine. The guy is basically a walking, talking hypocrite, and a yes-man if there ever was one. His #LetsGetHonest campaign was about as disingenuous as it gets. He likes to believe that HE is the reason people started writing genuine content on this platform in the past year because he made a concerted effort in his mind to see more genuine content (and there wasn’t any, according to him). Absolutely laughable and delusional. Guys like him are why NYC has gotten soft.

Mike Morgan — the Dr. of ‘Humans of LinkedIn’ — This guy started tagging me incessantly to try and build up his LI fame, and never once asked me to be on his web series. Before he started blowing up, he was using people as traction who were having good success with their content getting a good deal of reach. He never introduced himself to me or anything — he just started tagging me to try and leech off of what I was doing. It was phony as could be. The thing is, his series could be great. The name is great. The subject matter is awful though. It is cringe-worthy bad. Nobody cares what everyone’s favorite food is you dunsky. The guy has a PHD in Biochemistry. Why not put that to use? Why not team up with other great and genuine science minds to create something science-based that would be educational and wonderful and utilize all of your talents to the fullest extent? I guess he’d rather drink Franzia and toast to all of his bad editing skills.

Michael Spencer — LinkedIn Top Voice 2017 & 2016 — Michael bled for over two years pouring out content on the LI platform, and they basically neutered him. He wrote 763 articles on this platform, and they didn’t pay him a cent. Just “top voice” titles that mean nothing. I respected the hell out of the guy. He was cool to me. Until he wasn’t. I stood by him when he wrote this piece about Trump, and LI stopped featuring his writing for a minute. And we had this conversation:

I stood by Michael when he wrote a piece about Trump that wasn’t a liberal, leftist slam fest, because I respected the integrity of his writing. And then, when I had my time of getting political on this site when the violent clashes erupted during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August, he blocked me. I posited the question of whether or not people should be getting fired for being in such a rally (or ANY protest) or even in camera frames of pictures taken even if they weren’t doing anything criminal but were identified on social media and then subsequently fired from their job. And people lost their minds like I somehow turned into Jim Crow overnight. Several of my contacts accused me of being a White Nationalist and basically being a racist, which, brings me to the next two dullards on my list.

**Michael no longer writes for LI. He now writes for Medium and they probably don’t pay him either. He had about 150,000 followers on LI and not one of them supported him on Patreon (because this site is full of people who are full of sh#@).**

Maggie W (the bad Maggie) & Animah Kosai — white nationalism twin sister nincompoops. When I made that post I referred to above, they lambasted me. I wish I had screenshots of it. Maggie was beyond incensed. It was the most accusatorial tone I believe anyone had ever taken with me ever on any internet forum I have ever been on. She was foaming at the mouth like a Bulldog. She couldn’t be bothered to hear anything I had to say on the subject and just wanted to throw around hate speech. And then Animah joined in and literally called me a White Nationalist. It was egregiously stupid on their part because they are the ones who looked like unstable talking heads who didn’t know what they were talking about. And they didn’t. Needless to say they disconnected. And I couldn’t have been happier. Talk about LI brain drain. At one time, Maggie and I talked about doing a ‘mediocre’ podcast together. It was going to be terrifically mediocre. We were going to do it from an actual PODS container. Damn shame she is such a political looney tune because her wit is top-notch.

Ben Rea & Eli Hochberg — The Dynamic Doo Doo — Several months back, one of my connections suggested I get in touch with Ben Rea about his #InFocus series. She tagged Ben in one of my posts and he responded back and said that if I wanted a chance to be “featured”, I should give him all of these reasons why I should be featured and intimated that it would be a privilege to featured in his series. I didn’t see it that way. I didn’t like his arrogant attitude. I had no desire to be featured in his self-serving b.s., which is exactly what it is.

Eli HACKberg’s claim to fame is a post he made about birthday cake. Because it’s in the shape of a birthday cake. I am not making this up. I am not that creative. I wish I could juxtapose the piece of writing I did in September, ’17 about my b-day against what he did, but, since my content is being held hostage by the sh@! heel LI overlords, it may never see the light of day again. His post is trite. Because it is tripe. Yet, it is featured on their #30DS, huckster, P.T. Barnum website, which I refuse to link you to.

This is an example of how their “expert” system works:

“Ben! Eli!…is it “creatively consistent creative content?” “Consisting….engaging…community. Oh man…I sure am glad I paid for this. And the sign up only took 10 seconds!!” What prose!! Look out all of you Nobel laureates of literature…#30DS is creating content consistently, and they have candles and cakes for the winners! #ConsistentlyKooky

Moreover, Mr. Eli, ADHD is not a skill, so why the hell do you have it listed on your LI profile? Because you are championing the cause? I was a spaz when I was a kid, too. I basically had my own placard in the ‘in school suspension’ room. I couldn’t sit still. I was a class clown. I also won my 5th grade spelling bee. Should I put up “trophies” in my LI “skills” section? Do you want a participation trophy because of your “skill”?

What’s worse than that though, is the fact that you have not one, not two, but three ‘still’ photographs of yourself on your LI profile. How “humble” of you. If that shirt you’re wearing in all three pics is the one that you wear every day to “solidify your personal brand”, then you need a new stylist.

And the pièce de ré·sis·tance is their #30DS hashtag “movement”. What it really is though, is a movement of people’s hard earned money into their coffers for nothing more than sharing people’s content posts thru LI engagement pods. If you don’t know what that is, it is basically a group of people on LI who form a group conversation in the LI DM section, and share each other’s content posts to get likes, comments, and shares, in the hopes of becoming more “popular”. They say that joining is FREE, but, it really isn’t. If you don’t start paying after a few days, they will stop sharing your posts in their pods, and you will be a pea brain without a home to post.

It is basically a well oiled scam at this point, and people are lining up in droves to have their content featured by using the #30DS hashtag, when they could just as easily start their own engagement pods with their connections or like-minded individuals, and create their own buzz. But, the thing is, I don’t think most people doing this KNOW that they can do this on their own. I believe that they believe this is some kind of feature or process that they don’t have access to without paying for the program. And even if they didn’t, it is still slimy business on the part of the proprietors. If you are paying for #30DS, you are getting scammed — by mediocre at best talents like Eli and Ben.

Marchem Pfeiffer — When I wrote this piece at the beginning of Oct. ’17 about LI’s b.s. vanity metrics that have spun out of control, Marchem thought it his duty to try and save me from myself by telling me to delete it. I didn’t. I don’t regret writing it and I don’t regret what I said. Because it was and still is the truth. I was trying to get us away from everything that is vapid and full of nothingness on LI, because it doesn’t serve anything outside of likes and comments. In the aftermath of my original incarnation at LI getting banned, Marchem went on to make this piece of writing which was a thinly veiled attack at me personally about what had happened with regard to me being banned and my not listening to Marchem’s ‘expert’ advice. And I quote:

“Don’t get banned and shunned from the platforms of life for speaking your mind without surveying the audience.”

That quote is about ME. I guess Marchem thought it was o.k. to get self-righteous in the face of my banning since I was no longer on the platform, and boost his ego in the process about how ‘right’ he was. Easy for him to write a post about me but where was he with regard to getting my account reinstated? Nowhere to be found. Truth is, I trusted Marchem with certain information about my life, and even in that, he still stabbed me in the back. Even though I opened up to him…even though I was “vulnerable”. I’m not even convinced he kept certain information secret, but, I guess I’m not surprised. You really cannot ever trust anyone 100%, and at least I now know what kind of person Marchem Pfeiffer really is: a backstabbing, holier than thou, fake friend.

Laci McDowell — This one hurts the most. This is the one that gives me the most consternation and reservation. This is the one that I really question. No one will understand it — especially her. She will wonder what the hell is wrong with me and how I could do such a thing to my “sis”. It’s because big bro cares, even if it seems like he is out of control. I connected with Laci pretty early on in ’17 after reading her piece geared towards International Women’s Day.

I wrote a piece about my mom for IWD around the same time and we just kind of connected. I really enjoyed Laci’s writing and saw that she had an English degree, but wasn’t really doing anything with it. We talked about the frustrations of not being able to connect our writing to an audience on LI, and supported one another. I was doing a lot of writing around this time, and she was balancing a full-time job with motherhood.

She was driving her mini-me a couple of hours/day several days a week to pre-school on top of working at a law firm. She didn’t have much time to write. Many months before she started doing videos on LI, I encouraged her to start doing videos on LI because she could save time by doing videos instead of feeling like she needed to write articles. I told her she could do them in her car and it would basically save her tons of time.

I would venture to guess that not one other single person supported Laci as much as I did in the past year on this website. I introduced her and her writing to Jim Rossi and Jim was nice enough to befriend her and even shared at least one of her articles. I always commented and shared Laci’s articles when she published, and I always encouraged her to continue writing — because I felt she had a lot to contribute and I kind of looked at her like a little sister.

I cared about her progression on this site and I loved the fact of how strong she was in the face of adversity. When she finally did do a couple of videos on LI, and they started to get noticed, I wanted to reach out and give her some constructive criticism. In a nutshell, I told her that she was saying “um” too much and that she needed to make better eye contact with the camera. I gave her other advice, too, but, she really didn’t take too kindly to it.

It really seemed to bother her that I was critiquing her when I was just doing it because I cared about her and wanted to see her do well. And I still feel that way. I don’t think the feeling is mutual though. Laci’s popularity on this site has blown up, and I think she has forgotten the ones who were there for her in the beginning — us stepping stones. When I was banned, there was no outcry from her, just like many others. And the truth is, it’s because everyone is only looking out for themselves, and they really don’t care about any kind of injustices in the world, so long as it isn’t happening to them. Laci has just become part of the popularity problem tour bus on this site, and has been vanity spellbound in a tsunami of mediocrity. I was there for you from the beginning, Laci. It’s a shame the kinship doesn’t swing both ways.


Final Act: The Call To Humanity

I know a lot of you are thinking and wondering why the hell did I just commit LI suicide for (no pun intended with regard to my recent article about suicide). And the truth is, it was on a whim. None of this was planned. I create organically, and I guess since I am Italian, I just got in one of those vendetta kind of moods, where I felt the truth should come out, and the aftermath will be what it will be. So, I guess I am Vincent Coccotti in True Romance.

I joined LI multiple times over the years and never really started taking it seriously until maybe the fall of ’16. I would create accounts and delete them before that. But, I left my last job in the so-called corporate world in Nov. ’16 because I just had enough. I couldn’t do it any longer. I threw my hands up in the air and washed them of all of the professional life b.s. that I wasted so many years on which led me to exactly nowhere.

So, because of many predicaments, which most you are not privy to, I decided to start writing seriously on LI. It didn’t go well. I would write articles, and nobody would really see them. I wrote over 40 articles and had about 70 different stories in different stages of development, not to mention the hundreds of content posts.

As time went on, I started making more and more good connections, and the content posts started taking the place of all of the articles I was writing. Things were progressing in a positive direction in my life with the writing even though I had yet to earn any income from the writing thru LI contacts. But, I was a fledgling writer. It meant something. I never thought I was doing it in vain. Surely, something good must come of this I thought.

But, it didn’t. After I made this post about vanity metrics on LI which was a war cry of sorts, I got banned, and all of the work I had done over the past year and a half was gone. Poof. Just like that. I died. And nobody came to save me. Nobody came to my rescue. I was only as good as my last content post. People were scared to get involved. The fear of getting banned themselves was greater than the love of freedom of speech that many of us live under.

And that is why I am here. To ring the bell of truths and seek out justice in the world. To bring about awareness of all of the ills that befall so many of the people who get harassed and discriminated against just on social media platforms alone. I was only getting started. My ideas only getting started. My writing was my way in, until it wasn’t. It is what I had control over — until I didn’t. The truth is, you can be silenced by just about anyone for just about anything, and that is the kind of tyranny that I simply care not to live under.

I believe in the power of the human spirit and the power of love to get us thru, but, the vapidity and cluelessness that exists on LI hamstrings so many efforts for what the LI forum could really be if people collectivized and put their heads and hearts together to make a better world for all of us. LI could be so much more than what it is, because it is the perfect assemblage of human beings from all walks of life, but, they are too caught up in only doing things that are good for them and their brand and whatever gets them the most likes and comments.

And that is a damn shame. If LI wants a popularity contest, then I will tell them how I feel about that. This is my Nino Brown moment, where the reckoning for their disloyalty for human progress has been unearthed from the doldrums. This is not a friendly game of baseball, because nobody wins, if the team doesn’t win. I will stand alone at the plate for as long as it takes. Because my bat is everlasting. It has enthusiasms. I came here as a last rite of sorts to try and embrace and be embraced by people all across the globe, in the hopes of creating any kind of real progress on any numerous fronts that better serve us as humans.

I thought that if I put everything I had into this experience, I could make good. Maybe what it is, is that there is a certain kind of human that is too strong, and the system, well, it can’t bare it. But, they can’t dress and undress me. Even if I’m not what the people want, I’ll sound like myself, and nobody else. And I can live with that, no matter the outcome. Because I live on the fringes in real life.

I am dirt poor. I only have a pen and pad and a car and no job and my surroundings are less than stellar. People want you to convert to Christ or they have no time for you. I see it with my own eyes and I live it. I’ve lived it for the past 19 months. On the edge. With one finger on the ledge. With perpetual harassment by sociopathic cops. And I have no criminal or drug record. And I’ve spent around $8,000 dollars in the county that I am in but they just want to put me in county population. All they want to do is hem you up so they can get their 10%. People on the fringe make for good prisoners. Ones that make products for multi-billion dollar corporations. Products that you buy but I cannot afford.

I don’t have anything to lose, because I have already lost everything. My family doesn’t care about me or love me. I have been abandoned by my closest friends over the years as time has worn on. I have no dog to lick my open wounds or the ones that never closed properly. I came here to make a better life for myself by trying to write my way into your hearts to show you that I am still that 9-year-old who started his own car wash business with his entreprenurial spirit but I have had the life sucked out of me and can no longer breathe.

So, if you want to play high school popularity contest elitist b.s. where nothing ever gets accomplished and you just slag each other off with vapid post after vapid post, well, that’s just my game. You steal my work, and leave this place to the humanity vultures, I’ll bumrush the whole damn show. I know how to dance with the devil because me and the devil walk side by side every night.

So get the LI bodybags ready, because I’m here to toe tag and Ziplock. I told you…you should’ve killed me last year.


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